Are There Love Dolls That Can Talk?

What makes sex better? It’s when you can clearly see that both of you are enjoying the action. It means that more than the action, there’s also words and sounds that come right off of your mouths. For people who might want to push their luck, sex dolls can help them get that sexy action. But what if you can stress your luck out more and get those moans and cries for fun out of your sex doll?

Inching closer to making these love dolls a reality, certain harmonies and phrases were put alongside a voice channel for the sex doll to “speak” and be audible for its users. As this is a new feature, you might ask what comes with having this product, right? Well, the obvious thing is that you’re closer to having your sex doll have its own consciousness to make love with you. But more than that, stick around to know more.

Creating personalities

One interesting thing about sex dolls is their ability to have a certain personality upon buying them, or going the extra mile and letting them acquire a particular type of personality while you’re with them. Of course, the latter costs a lot more, but the point is that if there’s voicing, there should be consistency, and that’s what’s up with these dolls having personalities.

Sexy phrases

There’s nothing better than knowing what sexy phrases your sex doll needs to say for you to take them on with your best gestures. Studies show how simple phrases can turn someone on easily, without the need to touch or act upon the desire.

So, when love dolls can start doing such things like talking hose phrases out to their users, then all the more do they become successful tools for sex. The best thing is that they’re also adjustable. Buying high-end talking sex dolls entails getting so many passes on features you never though you would have with your sex doll.


Unlike other things, the benefit that grows with sex dolls finally getting the chance to speak themselves out is a merit that will make up for the spiciest sex that people who use them on a daily basis have never had before. If you’re growing tired of your current, non-talking sex doll, then it might be a sign to buy a new one. But don’t end up buying the same thing over again.

Yes, You Can Have Foreplay With A Love Doll

Have you heard about the term “foreplay”? Well, if not, maybe you are already doing this but unfortunately, you do are not aware that it is already foreplay. Anyways, foreplay usually happens before sexual intercourse. It adds flavors to the sexual excitement especially to women which increases their vaginal lubrication because of it. This may include sharing fantasies, touching one another’s genital, and kissing as a common one to do. Nowadays, there are lots of sexual toys that anyone could purchase in the market, and one of the newest trends is what they called “love dolls” to improve foreplay and sexual experience. 

What do you think about love dolls? Do you think it can increase your foreplay experience? The answer is a big “YES”. Undeniably, foreplay and sex are natural needs of humans, the use of love dolls as sex toys is becoming natural as well. Indeed, you can enjoy playing with a love doll as long as you are comfortable with it because when it comes to such a thing, everyone has their preferences, and it greatly matters to you if it works best for you or the other way around.

Fairly enough, not everyone is into sex toys and we cannot force them to try it though but if you have tried using sex toys before to increase your orgasm before sexual intercourse then I think trying a love doll will possibly work for you. Many have shared how love dolls have changed their sexual experience. They considered love dolls as a toy in a playground called sex which brings them so much excitement in doing such play as they express and let go of themselves and be playful all along.

Love dolls have increased their potential as sex toys since they are made to be like humans from top to bottom but of course, they fact that it won’t be able to replace a human feeling of sex and making love at all. However, love dolls can escalate the sexual pleasure of everyone especially to those people who want to explore their sex orgasm and pleasures at the same time. If you are curious enough to use the love doll during foreplay, let this article push you in doing such. Do not stop yourself from exploring your sex experience and this toy can help you become more creative in bed scenes since it increases your lovemaking excitement.

Sex Dolls: A Buyer’s Guide

Sex dolls are definitely not all the same.

The market for these love dolls has exploded in recent years, and manufacturers have kept up with the demand by raising their game to an entirely new level. The different materials used to make these dolls, the types of physical appearances and special features that are available, and the new-age features now being included make the purchase of a love doll almost as much fun as the sexual activity will be.

Physical Appearance

Everyone is attracted to different types of women or men. Their size, body attributes, even their race can make the difference between “I’d do her if I had to” and “I want to spend my life with her.”

The same choices are available to those who’ve decided to invest in a love doll. You can choose big boobs, big butts, athletic bodies, younger or older appearances, different hair styles and facial features – in short, the woman (or man) of your dreams can be found in a modern sex doll.

You can also ask many manufacturers to customize a doll to make it even more like your ideal partner.

Realistic Feel

To be honest, the more you spend on a love doll, the more realistic they will feel. Cheap sex dolls made from rubber or vinyl may have the “right holes,” but their body won’t feel like human skin and their private parts won’t be 100% realistic.

Thankfully, there are now materials like silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which make sex dolls feel so real that you won’t believe you’re not in bed with a human partner. The breasts and curves are perfectly contoured, the genitals are shockingly realistic, and the overall experience is worth paying for. These high-quality dolls will also last for years and years if they’re maintained properly – so you’re not really buying a “doll.” You’re buying a companion.

High-End Features

More and more sex dollars are now being outfitted with extra features that make the sexual experience more lifelike than ever. Some have vibrating features, others have body parts that can feel warm to the touch, and we’re even starting to see AI dolls which are able to respond to touch or sound. In the coming years, sex dolls will start to be so realistic that they might even ask you to do the dishes before hopping into bed!

There’s A Sex Doll For Everyone – Even Gay Guys

If you think that sex dolls are only for men, then you are wrong. Sex dolls are for everyone no matter what your gender is. In fact, even gay guys can look for a sex doll that could satisfy their sexual desire. When it comes to sex dolls, the options seem to be limitless because of its availability which means you can definitely find the one that you are looking for.

Male Sex Doll Best Choice

How Gay Guys Benefit from Sex Dolls

The same with the needs of men and women, gays also have their sexual desire that only sex dolls can give. Well, the situation of gays is something more different because not all people feel comfortable of making love with the same sex. Though such thing is already accepted these days, and you can already see same sex relationship, not all gays can easily ask a guy to have sex with him. This is when gays can take advantage of sex dolls.

If you can find a wide selection of female sex dolls, then you can also have lots of options to choose from when looking for male sex dolls. It is because not only gay guys benefit from these dolls but also women who want more from their partner. Male love dolls also differ with their height, body type, hairstyle, eyes, skin color, and all the features that a sex doll has. These dolls can be made of silicone or TPE material with a metal skeleton inside for greater flexibility. Of course, when making love with a guy, there are positions wherein you have to put pressure in your doll. In order to avoid it from getting damaged, they make it more realistic as possible not only with the looks but also with the movement of the body.

Making use of male sex dolls has no limitations. This is one of the reasons why gays consider having their own sex dolls because they can have sex with the doll anytime they want to without getting rejected. You can be assured of reaching your climax and you can even have more rounds if ever that you are not yet satisfied with a single round. Sex dolls are far better than the usual sex toys that you can use to satisfy your sexual desire. It is because the experience is more realistic thus making the moment more intense and satisfying.

Love Blondes? So Do Most Sex Doll Buyers

There is no denying that blonde ladies are among the most attractive females that you can ever see and meet throughout your life. Perhaps it has something to do with the color of their hair, but if you are one of those men who fall heal over heels at the sight of a blonde woman, you know that it is more than just the hair.

This is the same when it comes to the men who are buying sex dolls online to serve as their bed companion every night. Among all the sex doll types and models, the blonde ones are among the best-sellers. Why is this case with sex dolls? This probably has something to do with the irresistible charm and appeal of the blonde woman herself.

What Makes Blondes Irresistible

When it comes to physical appearance, you can say that blondes have the magnetic appeal at the first glance because of their hair color. With the seductive lightness of their hair, it is without doubt that they have every man’s attention wherever they go. This is why they are also constantly cast to star in popular movies through the years.

Blondes are also perceived to have a higher and stronger sex appeal, as they usually exude extraordinary sexual prowess and charisma that will surely leave men fall head over heels on them. For that, there is no surprise that men have a strong preference to blonde women in terms of the one that they love to date or be with.

The case is undeniably the same with sex dolls.  Every guy who is searching for the perfect substitute for a human bed companion would surely look for the one that heavily resembles the features that they find most desirable. And since they mostly find blonde women the sexiest and most attractive, blonde sex dolls have been among the top best-selling sex dolls of all time.

With soft, smooth hair, curvy hips and butts, big boobs, and beautiful faces, blonde sex dolls truly captured the beauty and sexiness that a blonde woman has been known for. With a blonde for a sex dolls, you will feel like actually having blondes by your side.

Get Your Blonde Sex Doll Now!

With their beauty and sexiness, blonde sex dolls that look like actual women are undoubtedly popular to men, you can get your very own sexy blonde companion at the most popular adult shops online.

Very Popular Love Doll Choice: Acrobatic Gymnasts

A lot of people are now getting hooked to sex dolls. They find it an effective solution if they are having issues with their sex life. But instead of dating other women and having sex with them, it would be safer to use sex dolls to get away from sexually transmitted diseases. If you are looking for a sex doll which is sexy and flexible, then you might want to try a sex doll gymnast. In fact, this kind of doll is now gaining popularity to men.

What Makes A Sex Doll Gymnast in Demand

If you are wondering why a lot of men prefer gymnasts when looking for sex dolls then it is because these dolls are truly flexible. With flexibility, it only means that you can do whatever you want with the doll and try different sex positions if the hardest one. You can put your wildest imagination into reality without even worrying about damaging the doll. They make sure that the gymnast sex doll is capable of flexing its body to whatever movement you want to do.

A gymnast sex doll is equipped with steel skeleton which is lightweight and also features moveable joints. As a result, you can bent the doll over or do any pose you have in mind. The sex doll can do whatever you want with no limitations, which is definitely something that most men opt for. Besides, why would you spend money on something that cannot satisfy you right? Yet, that is not the case when you buy a gymnast sex doll.

This type of sex dolls normally have average height and weight making it easier for the owner to carry it whenever necessary when having sex. It resembles the height and weight of a real woman. Another good thing about looking for sex doll gymnasts is that you can be able to customize the dolls according to your own preference. Customizing the sex doll gives you the guarantee of having the kind of doll you’ve been dreaming of. You can change the hairstyle, body shape, mouth, eyes, skin tone, and a whole lot more thus making you feel satisfied with your purchase. For sure, you will never get tired looking at your doll and having sex with her as often as you want. With all of these features, you don’t have to wonder why gymnast sex dolls are a must-have.

Can You Bend Love Dolls Over For Doggy-Style Sex?

There is nothing better than having sex with a woman where she bends over on all fours, right before getting it on with her for the ultimate sexual satisfaction that anyone can ever experience. Once you get into it through the doggy, you will never turn your back from it, wanting to have more of it every night.

But then, there is the fact that not all the time you have a female partner by your side to get it on with you to spice up your nights. In that case, what you have to do is to get yourself a love doll to be with you and have fun with. But you may be wondering – can you get your love doll bend over for doggy-style sex? The answer is yes – and you can have with her with much fun.

Doggy Style Sex: Fun With Love Dolls

It is a fact that doggy style is one of the most popular types of sex positions right now. Not only it exudes great intimacy between the male and the female partner, but also it gives out a higher level of sexual satisfaction, especially on the part of the male.

But even without an actual female partner to be with every night, you can still experience the goodness of a good old doggy by getting yourself the most beautiful love doll to serve as your bed partner. Sure, they are not like your typical girlfriend, but love dolls are made to resemble the likeness of an ideal female bed partner, making her the best replacement to spice up your nights.

How can you do it, anyway? Can you bend her over to accommodate you during doggy sex? The answer here is yes – since love dolls are designed to replicate the likeness of the female – from physical appearance down to the smallest details.

Love dolls have the capacity to move and adjust their limbs and joints to set her up according to whatever sex position you want her to be – and that includes the ever-popular doggy style.

Get Your Love Dolls Online Now!

There is no need to deprive yourself of a good old doggy sex just because you don’t have a partner. Instead get yourself the prettiest and sexist love doll to have fun with. Beautiful, realistic, and flexible, they are perfect partners to spice up your nights, effectively getting rid of boredom and loneliness.