Sex Dolls: A Buyer’s Guide

Sex dolls are definitely not all the same.

The market for these love dolls has exploded in recent years, and manufacturers have kept up with the demand by raising their game to an entirely new level. The different materials used to make these dolls, the types of physical appearances and special features that are available, and the new-age features now being included make the purchase of a love doll almost as much fun as the sexual activity will be.

Physical Appearance

Everyone is attracted to different types of women or men. Their size, body attributes, even their race can make the difference between “I’d do her if I had to” and “I want to spend my life with her.”

The same choices are available to those who’ve decided to invest in a love doll. You can choose big boobs, big butts, athletic bodies, younger or older appearances, different hair styles and facial features – in short, the woman (or man) of your dreams can be found in a modern sex doll.

You can also ask many manufacturers to customize a doll to make it even more like your ideal partner.

Realistic Feel

To be honest, the more you spend on a love doll, the more realistic they will feel. Cheap sex dolls made from rubber or vinyl may have the “right holes,” but their body won’t feel like human skin and their private parts won’t be 100% realistic.

Thankfully, there are now materials like silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which make sex dolls feel so real that you won’t believe you’re not in bed with a human partner. The breasts and curves are perfectly contoured, the genitals are shockingly realistic, and the overall experience is worth paying for. These high-quality dolls will also last for years and years if they’re maintained properly – so you’re not really buying a “doll.” You’re buying a companion.

High-End Features

More and more sex dollars are now being outfitted with extra features that make the sexual experience more lifelike than ever. Some have vibrating features, others have body parts that can feel warm to the touch, and we’re even starting to see AI dolls which are able to respond to touch or sound. In the coming years, sex dolls will start to be so realistic that they might even ask you to do the dishes before hopping into bed!