Are There Love Dolls That Can Talk?

What makes sex better? It’s when you can clearly see that both of you are enjoying the action. It means that more than the action, there’s also words and sounds that come right off of your mouths. For people who might want to push their luck, sex dolls can help them get that sexy action. But what if you can stress your luck out more and get those moans and cries for fun out of your sex doll?

Inching closer to making these love dolls a reality, certain harmonies and phrases were put alongside a voice channel for the sex doll to “speak” and be audible for its users. As this is a new feature, you might ask what comes with having this product, right? Well, the obvious thing is that you’re closer to having your sex doll have its own consciousness to make love with you. But more than that, stick around to know more.

Creating personalities

One interesting thing about sex dolls is their ability to have a certain personality upon buying them, or going the extra mile and letting them acquire a particular type of personality while you’re with them. Of course, the latter costs a lot more, but the point is that if there’s voicing, there should be consistency, and that’s what’s up with these dolls having personalities.

Sexy phrases

There’s nothing better than knowing what sexy phrases your sex doll needs to say for you to take them on with your best gestures. Studies show how simple phrases can turn someone on easily, without the need to touch or act upon the desire.

So, when love dolls can start doing such things like talking hose phrases out to their users, then all the more do they become successful tools for sex. The best thing is that they’re also adjustable. Buying high-end talking sex dolls entails getting so many passes on features you never though you would have with your sex doll.


Unlike other things, the benefit that grows with sex dolls finally getting the chance to speak themselves out is a merit that will make up for the spiciest sex that people who use them on a daily basis have never had before. If you’re growing tired of your current, non-talking sex doll, then it might be a sign to buy a new one. But don’t end up buying the same thing over again.