About Us

Don’t you love the feeling of lifelike skin against yours? We do, and that’s why we review all of the market’s best sex dolls.

We have been checking out love dolls since 2017. Since then the industry has grown, prices have become affordable and there is currently destigmatizing owning one.

Today, you can select among dolls with lifelike silicone breasts, torsos that include vaginas, asses and torsos, as well as legs and feet. It goes without saying that eye color and hair color are also up to you. Love dolls have come a long way!

We here at Bertram’s Love Dolls only recommend the best products so you can rely on our word, we have experts who do not have to have sex with a love doll just to let you know they’re the real deal – these are discerning individuals who can judge the best experience by just touching alone – so imagine the feeling when you’re doing the deed with the love dolls we gave an excellent review?